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Winterheart Paper Print
Winterheart Paper Print
Winterheart Paper Print

"Winterheart" Paper Print

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High quality giclee print on watercolour paper.

"Winterheart" by Ricky Schaede.
Acrylics on canvas, 2018.  

* 14" x 11"
* Archival foam core backing
* Plastic Sleeve
* Signed and numbered edition of 20

Winterheart is the story of a band of unlikely friends who come together to survive the bitter colds of winter in the forest.  Through trials and tribulations, they depend on one another to make it through to Spring.  The story tells us that, in the face of seasonal depression, connecting with friends, community, and creative pursuits can serve as a light in the darkness.    Winterheart, alongside my friends and community, was my light through the darkness of Winter 2017.  May it serve to all who look upon it as a similar light, and a reminder to connect with those around us when we are feeling blue.