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Towers Paper Print
Towers Paper Print
Towers Paper Print

"Towers" Paper Print

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High quality giclee print on watercolour paper.

"Towers" by Ricky Schaede.
Acrylics on canvas, 2017-2018.  

* 10" x 10"
* Archival foam core backing
* Plastic Sleeve
* Signed and numbered edition of 20

As we came into orbit around the strange world, we noticed the Towers.  Gargantuan constructs reaching up from the crust of the planet, through the atmosphere and into the vacuum of space.  They seemed to look at our ship with their glossy, singular eyes, and as they beheld us, their ornate arrangement of petals seemed to bristle and vibrate with anticipation.  The designs scrawling their length began to pulse with blue light, illuminating their faces in the shadows as they and their planet turned away from the Sun.