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Naiadi Paper Print
Naiadi Paper Print
Naiadi Paper Print

"Naiadi" Paper Print

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High quality giclee print on watercolour paper.

"Naiadi by Ricky Schaede.
Oil and egg tempera on canvas, 2017 - 2018.  

* 11" x 14"
* Archival foam core backing
* Plastic Sleeve
* Signed and numbered edition of 20

This piece represents the importance of fresh water. A Naiad is a creature from greek mythology, a sprite or fairy that lives in fresh bodies of water. The Naiadi I painted here include a human, and five of my spirit creatures in a variety of colours and configurations. I believe it is up to us to be the protectors of the water on this Earth, and the water is in dire need of our protection at this moment in time. Produce less waste, use less plastic, and advocate for the preservation and protection of fresh water in your local community. It is up to each of us as individuals to make a difference, and hopefully one day, we can tip the scales.