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Lesprit Du Lac Original Drawing
L'Esprit Du Lac

L'Esprit Du Lac

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There is tremendous beauty and magic all around us. We just have to remember to look for it, to make space for it in our lives. Clear away the rigid structures of stress and limiting beliefs. Let the spirit of the lake move through you. That beauty, it’s inside of you too. It is the beating of your heart, the rhythm of your blood, the soul behind your eyes. Remember that. Don’t forget. Remember who you are.

Original mixed media drawing on bristol paper.

"L'Esprit du Lac" by Ricky Schaede.
Mixed media on paper, 2021. 

* 8.5" x 11"
* In a beautiful custom frame.
* Original, one of a kind work of art.  
* Made with love and inspiration.