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Kolormondo Mini Colour Globe
Kolormondo Mini Colour Globe
Kolormondo Mini Colour Globe

Kolormondo Mini Colour Globe

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The Kolormondo Colour Globe makes understanding colour easy.  What separates this from a regular colour wheel, which only explores one dimension of colour, is that the colour globe represents all three dimensions of colour: hue, chroma and value.  The traditional colour wheel sits around the equator, while colours get lighter towards a white north pole and darker towards a black south pole.  In the middle of the globe is pure grey, so colours desaturate as they move towards the centre.  The colour globe allows for greater understanding of colours and colour relationships.  

- 570 colours
- Size 12 cm in diameter
- Offset printing on 300 gr Ensocoat
- Made in Sweden  

- Improves your ability to mix and match colours
- Allows students to understand colour theory
- Facilitates discussions about colour choices

The globe comes in a flat cover and is a DIY kit. It consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges. Each piece of the globe is designed to teach you about a different section of the colour world. You can take it apart and build it again.