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Jewel Of The Deep Original Drawing
Jewel of the Deep

Jewel of the Deep

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Each scale tells your story, each colour a thread in the tapestry of your life. Wear them with pride. Shine like a jewel in the darkest depths of this world. You will be a beacon for those lost souls, those shrouded in darkness, and when they see your light they will come to recognize their own true colours. Their own inner light. And the deep will come aglow with the vibrant songs of the lost ones, for they will have found each other.

Original mixed media drawing on bristol paper.

"Jewel of the Deep" by Ricky Schaede.
Mixed media on paper, 2021. 

* 8.5" x 11"
* In a beautiful custom frame.
* Original, one of a kind work of art.  
* Made with love and inspiration.