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Belated Morning
Belated Morning

Belated Morning

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"Belated Morning" by Ricky Schaede.
Oil paint on canvas.

The morning came late, but that was ok.  It had been a long and dark night, and when morning finally broke the light came soft and sweet.  The air dripped with dew.  The grass was cold and wet as you stepped in it with your bare feet. 

The morning came late, but you could never have been prepared for it.  For how beautiful it was.  For how the water flowed.  For how the sky seemed soft, and how it softened all the edges on the memories of your life. 

The morning came late, but thats how it was supposed to be.  You were meant to reflect quietly, to feel this alone, to feel the water flow.  The morning light glistens in your teardrops as they roll down your cheeks.  The air smells fresh and new, like you were a small child again, discovering the joys of summer.  You laugh.  You cry.  You remember. 

* 42" x 42"
* Unframed.
* Original, one of a kind work of art.