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Arches Cold Press Watercolour Paper Pad 9" x 12"

Arches Cold Press Watercolour Paper Pad 9" x 12"

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12 Sheets.
Cold pressed.

The watercolour paper most prized by artists all over the world!

Made on a cylinder mould (traditional process): quality close to that of paper made by craft methods. The slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire. The fibres are distributed evenly, the paper slackens uniformly when wet, giving the artist more control. This process can produce papers with a high grammage and exceptional resistance to scratching and erasing, when they are gelatin sized to the core. Only papermaking on a cylinder mould can produce paper with deckle edges.

100% Cotton

Its 100% long cotton fibre composition gives the paper its beauty, a natural, lasting whiteness and an inimitable touch as well as strength.

Exclusive gelatin sizing to the core

Exclusive to ARCHES, gelatin sizing to the core preserves the lustre and transparency of the colours whilst preventing paints from penetrating into the paper. It allows superposing of washes and gives it added strength to resist erasing and scratching without tearing or linting. It also allows paints to be removed, either wet or dry, easily revealing the whiteness of the paper. ARCHES Aquarelle can absorb a large amount of water with limited deformation.



Ideal for watercolour painting, as for all wet techniques such as ink, gouache and acrylic.