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Archangels of Io

Archangels of Io

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Archangels of Io by Ricky Schaede.
Oil paint on canvas.
2022 - 2024

Lo and behold the Archangels of Io,
For a symphony of bells and strings will herald their arrival.
With serpentine coil and crustaceous tail,
Adorned by the language of light and order.
Lo and behold they are here with you now,
Wings spread wide with possibility.
Their arrival; the dawn of a new age.
An age of flight and freedom,
Of shattered shackles and
Broken chains.
Be not afraid,
For your chains and shackles are not shattered
But melted, melted into liquid light,
Your soul subsumes all of that which held you tethered,
And now you take flight.
That which held you shackled now holds you up
Into the heavens,
That you might reach out and touch the clouds of Jupiter,
Their softness grand.


* 36" x 48"
* Unframed.
* Original, one of a kind work of art.