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Freedom Flight

Freedom Flight is an expression of gratitude, grief, transformation and liberation.  These works were created as a personal form of therapy in the wake of the loss of my mom.  Birds have become a symbol of her freedom, and in their many expressions I have found the pieces of her that I knew and loved. As a result of my changed emotional state, the way I use paint has changed dramatically.  Where I was once tight and extremely detail oriented, I have become looser, more painterly, and more expressive, pouring my emotions onto the canvas.  Please join me in celebrating life, love, death, and the beauty of the natural world.  This is Freedom Flight!


Freedom Flight virtual gallery

Welcome! There are 2 sections of the virtual gallery.  First, you'll see cropped images of each work of art from the exhibition.  You can click on the artwork to see it full screen.  After the cropped images, there is a gallery with photographs of the physical exhibition that took place at the Noodle Gallery in the Alton Mill, June 29 - August 28, 2022.  

Paintings, drawings and sculptures are available for purchase via my online store which you can access by clicking the link below! If you are interested in anything, have any questions, or would like to arrange to see a piece in person please let me know!  You can email me at ricky@rickyschaede.com or call me directly at 519-217-3059.  Thank you so much for visiting my virtual exhibition and for supporting my artwork!  So much love and gratitude!


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